is the perfect Training System that helps you finally


Our goal is take 20 years of youth ministry experience and give you tried & true systems that simply work. All the while, our secret is walking with you to ensure it’s all built & built right!


We provide proven & practical systems that help Youth Ministries get unstuck and take the guess work out of Youth Ministry. We ensure you personally are at peak productivity & your systems are built right to ensure ministry health & effectiveness


It doesn't matter how large or how small your church or youth ministry is. We've seen churches of 100 people have 60 students showing up for youth every week. We've seen youth ministries go from 30 to 300 in less than a year. Those clients achieved that using our previous playbook that offered less content!

More Students, More Leaders, More Time

Many Youth Ministries have a hard time breaking the 50 student mark. It can be discouraging when you are working so hard and not seeing growth. 

Our Program will give you building blocks to break through previous barriers and reach more and more students

Coaching Options

Sermon and Basic Coaching Program


or $250 for the year

Sermon Writing Blueprint

Multiple Sermon Outlines every month

Instant Access to Pre-Covid Coaching Videos

Monthly Basic Coaching video access

Gives you basic structure 

Content is Scripture based and focuses on lasting life change

Gives you more time to focus on reaching more students and leaders

Full Coaching Playbook


or $2000 

Includes the Sermon and Basic Coaching Program

Option to use Pre made Video Sermons weekly

Pre Covid Coaching Modules

Access to Coaches Via Email and Marco Polo app

Hybrid Group Coaching calls and more

Executive Coaching

Build My Youth Church


First Year

$1500 Deposit + 497 a month

Includes all other Coaching Modules and benefits

Real Time Coach Access

Includes On Site, 2 Day Youth ministry consultation and Program build 

Our team helps in an Executive Youth Pastor way to help your Youth Pastor or Volunteer team hit another level

Scholarships are available for smaller churches needing help. 

Scholarships are provided by Church Marketing University.

Click link below to apply

Do NOT fire your Youth Pastor!

Most problems that Lead Pastors have with their Youth Pastor are easily fixed with Coaching. We understand that there are tons of moving parts in our church worlds and personally coaching your Youth Pastor isn't always something we have time to do. When you consider that it can cost a church $10,000-$25,000 to replace a youth pastor, Coaching becomes a far more reasonable option.


Our programs have helped youth pastors make major positive shifts in their ministry that have created ripple effects seen in the main service. We help Youth Pastors align with the vision of the Lead Pastor and help them keep their job.

"Andre Anderson is revolutionary when it comes to growth and development of young people and youth ministry systems.


I recommend that anyone that works with students have at least one conversation with Andre. You won’t be disappointed."

Travis Jones

Senior Pastor

Richmond, Virginia

"In a world full of noise, opinions, and trends, Andre has a fresh vision and voice that is biblically saturated, and yet is fully aware of the culture's needs. He serves as a personal advocate, coach, and friend in seasons of transition, growth, and re-branding. In my own ministry and personal goals, He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me to work through personal growth, obstacles, and blind-spots, as well as celebrate victories big and small. From quick texts to long coaching phone calls, Andre quickly becomes more than a mentor or coach but also like family."

Anna McGuire

Youth Pastor

Indianapolis, Indiana

"If you are in a slump of day to day ministry and you are ready to go to the next level in your ministry,


Andre is the Key that will unlock you to get out of your slump, revive your passion for ministry and push you to that next level you're wanting to go."

DC Davis

Youth Pastor

Milwaukee, Wisconsin