Andre Anderson

A Simple way to grow your Youth Ministry and increase your influence.

Premium Youth Ministry Coaching

I've created a coaching program that helps Lead Pastors and Youth Pastors access and build a youth culture that is healthy, inclusive and will grow!

  • Straight Forward talk 

    I don't do fluff or hype. Straight to the point, real talk.

  • Proven Systems that work

    I give you the system, if you follow it, growth will happen. 

  • Save time and money

    This is basic youth ministry. Once you have a plan, you spend less time in prep. This helps with job security and stress levels

Speaking Partnerships

Let's set up a deal and add Andre Anderson to your speaking schedule multiple times a year at a lower than normal price. 

Transition Coaching

Leaving a church is never easy. It almost always gets messy and people get hurt on the way out. This program will help you navigate this journey and walk away with your integrity in tact. 

Generosity Blueprint

We've partnered with Paugh International to offer a discount on this next level Generousity course for your entire church! 

“Andre is that raw and real speaker that students instantly connect with. He brings the Bible to life in a way that is relatable to everyone. He has a way with the churched, the unchurched, the dechurched, the outcasts, the fatherless, the broken and more.”

Rob Johnston, Nashville

Book Andre for your next event!

Andre is an energetic speaker with a conversational style who blends comedy with a disarming vulnerability and realness that causes you to open up and allow Jesus to do a deep, transforming work. Read more of his story by clicking the link below

"Andre knows how to take an audience on a journey with his unique stories, hilarious humor, and heartfelt words of encouragement. Andre is a top notch communicator and I would recommend him, without reservation, for your next event. Whether it be an audience of 100 or 100,000, 

Andre Anderson is the best choice!"

Travis Jones

Lead Pastor

Motivation Church, Richmond VA

"In a world full of noise, opinions, and trends, Andre has a fresh vision and voice that is biblically saturated, and yet is fully aware of the culture's needs. He serves as a personal advocate, coach, and friend in seasons of transition, growth, and re-branding. In my own ministry and personal goals, He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me to work through personal growth, obstacles, and blind-spots, as well as celebrate victories big and small. From quick texts to long coaching phone calls, Andre quickly becomes more than a mentor or coach but also like family."

Anna McGuire

Youth Communicator, High School Counselor

“Every time we bring Andre in, he engages our students with a message that is fun, relevant and challenging. More than that he is genuine on and off stage with unique insights into student life.” 

Brian Caplinger

Youth Pastor

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