Andre Anderson

"Our Youth Ministry grew from 70 to 300 in six months using the first version of this system!

No matter where you are in ministry, this program will help you grow!"

Pocono Mtns PA

"When I started in youth ministry, we had 14 students. I started using this program and one year later we were running 350 students."

Richmond VA

"I used this system to grow our leadership team and set up our youth ministry to run without me being the 'Star of the Show'" 

Tampa Florida

"We were running 25 students consistently when I started this system, I ran 1 event, and had 200 students show up!" 

Wynne Arkansas


Church Marketing University

Church Marketing University is designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, builds your team, and grows your budget. The goal is to help your church see more visitors each week and more lives transformed!

Ministry Designs

All of your Church Resources in one location

Ministry Designs offers a full suite of powerful tools that help you REACH new people, TEACH the word of God, and GROW your ministry - organizationally and numerically.

"In a world full of noise, opinions, and trends, Andre has a fresh vision and voice that is biblically saturated, and yet is fully aware of the culture's needs. He serves as a personal advocate, coach, and friend in seasons of transition, growth, and re-branding. In my own ministry and personal goals, He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me to work through personal growth, obstacles, and blind-spots, as well as celebrate victories big and small. From quick texts to long coaching phone calls, Andre quickly becomes more than a mentor or coach but also like family."

Andrew and Anna Mcguire

Youth Specialist and Counselor

Indianapolis, Indiana

"Andre Anderson is revolutionary when it comes to growth and development of young people and youth ministry systems.


I recommend that anyone that works with students have at least one conversation with Andre. You won’t be disappointed."

Travis Jones

Senior Pastor

Richmond, Virginia

"If you are in a slump of day to day ministry and you are ready to go to the next level in your ministry,


Andre is the Key that will unlock you to get out of your slump, revive your passion for ministry and push you to that next level you're wanting to go."

DC Davis

Youth Pastor

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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